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      Ceramic Coatings

*Call us at 262-899-0486 to get a quote*


If you are looking for the ultimate level of protection for your vehicle's paint and trim, then a professionally installed ceramic coating may be the right fit for you. We offer coatings that range from 1 year of protection all the way up to 9 years of protection when properly maintained*.


Here are some of the benefits of ceramic coatings in comparison to waxes and paint sealants:

  • Superior Shine and Gloss

  • Increased Resistance to etching from bugs, acid rain, bird droppings, etc.

  • Increased Resistance to light swirl marks and micro marring

  • Superior Hydrophobic Properties

In order to properly install a ceramic coating, there are many necessary preparations required prior to installation:

  1. Vehicle receives proper 2 bucket wash with foam cannon

  2. Iron Remover application is made(this helps release bonded contaminants from paint)

  3. Vehicle gets complete clay bar decontamination

  4. Paint correction takes place to remove any defects in clear coat(this may take several hours or more)

  5. Vehicle is completely wiped down with body solvent to remove any remaining polishing oils

  6. Primer polish is applied to all painted surfaces

  7. Ceramic Coating of choice is applied

  8. Vehicle requires 24 hours of cure time before getting wet. Coating will fully cure within the next seven days

*Proper maintenance is necessary in order to get the maximum life out of your coating.

Here are some simple steps:

  • Avoid track car washes with brushes that touch your vehicle(these can scratch your coating)

  • Don't let your vehicle stay dirty for extended periods

  • *Do a proper 2 bucket hand wash as often as possible*

  • Apply a Ceramic Sealant a couple times per year on top of your coating(this very easy to apply yourself once the vehicle is dry following a wash. If you are not comfortable doing so, our team at Paradigm Auto Detail will be happy to perform a ceramic coating maintenance service for you).

  • *See Below for information on our Ceramic Coating Maintenance Detail

Please note that ceramic coatings will not protect your vehicle from stone chips, various scratches, and neglect. They will however, give your vehicle's paint amazing shine and gloss(and make the neighbors a little jealous too)!

Please give us a call  at 262-899-0486 to discuss pricing for your specific vehicle.

Ceramic Coating Maintenance Detail

What's Included:

  • 2 Bucket Wash/ Foam Cannon with silica soap

  • Fully inspect vehicle for marring/damage in the coating and repair with Silica Primer Polish

  • Apply a Ceramic/Graphene Topper to entire vehicle(this adds an additional layer of coating on top of your base layer)

  • Clean/Dress wheel liners

  • Clean wheels and apply Ceramic Topper

  • Dress Tires

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