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Additional Services

See our variety of additional services that can be performed stand alone or coupled with one of our detail packages. We have the right training, tools, and experience to help get your vehicle looking like new again. See below for a list of our additional services.

Paradigm Additional Services/ Add-On Services Descriptions

Headlight Restoration Before & After

Headlight Restoration


Are your headlights are starting to get that yellow/chalky look? We can help you get them back to that “showroom” look with our headlight restoration service. This isn't a “miracle” cream that you see on tv. This is a thorough removal of all of the oxidized plastic, complete polish, and application of a ceramic coating that will protect your lights for at least a year if properly maintained. We want to help get your family home safe by “seeing that deer sooner”, “avoiding that pothole” or any other road hazards that prove to be challenging at night time. 

Prices start at $and 80 per pair

Plastic Trim Restoration Before & After

Plastic Trim Restoration


Many automakers today are styling their vehicles with plastic trim on bumpers, rocker panels, door handles, roof racks, and so on. Nothing can be more frustrating than when all of that nice trim becomes white and chalky. Our plastic trim restoration service is more than a simple dressing that will wash away within a couple of washes. Instead, it is a permanent dye that chemically bonds with the plastic leaving your trim with that “like new” appearance. Give us a call today to see how we can get your trim looking like new!

Engine Bay Cleaning

Engine Cleaning/Dressing*


Keeping a vehicle’s engine clean will actually help it run cooler, makes it easier to service, and increases resale value. We start off  by removing all organic material like leaves and sticks. We then rinse and apply a degreaser to loosen the toughest gunk and grime. We scrub/agitate all soiled areas and follow with a rinse and a blow dry. A high quality dressing is then applied to all hoses and plastic components to give that “new engine look”.

Price: $50.00


*Be assured that we take all of the proper precautions to avoid damage to sensitive electronic components, however, we are not responsible for damage that could occur.

Ozone Odor Removal

Ozone Odor Removal


Our Ozone Odor Removal service is perfect for those vehicles that have heavy smoke odors, pet odors, or odors caused from nasty spills and/or moisture issues. Ozone attacks and oxidizes smoke and other organically based molecules/compounds that cause odor and atmospheric contaminants. The treatment time may vary from a couple to several hours depending on the size of the vehicle and the severity of the odor. When done properly, the process is safe, clean, quick, and effective!

Prices start at $60.00

Carpet & Seat Soil Extraction

Carpet & Seat Soil Extraction


Our hot water extraction service is the perfect tool for removing the toughest stains. We use the highest quality extractor soaps and shampoos along with 210 degree water to ensure that your nagging stains and the odors that go along with them, are removed for good!

Pet Hair Removal

Pet Hair Removal


We all love to bring “mans best friend” along for a ride. We all hate to see the huge pile of pet hair left behind by “Fido” or “Mittens”. We use our extensive training and years of experience to rid your vehicle of all of that pesky pet hair. Not every pet and not every vehicle is created equal, so therefore, we may have to inspect the vehicle first before quoting a price. 

Prices start at $25.00

Please Call us at 262-899-0486

for additional details

Add-On Services Available


Aqua Seal Express Polymer Sealant - 16 Wash Protection $20.00


Excessive Bug/Tar Removal - Starting at $30.00


Carpet Stain Removal - Starting at $30.00 please call for details


Rain X Glass Treatment $15.00


Paint Correction / Scratch Removal- Please call for details


Paint Overspray Removal - Starting at $50.00

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